Eco-Vape Wholesale Gets a Whole New Look

Eco-Vape Wholesale Gets a Whole New Look
Order your favourite E-Liquids and Hardware faster, easier, and at your convenience at

Eco-Vape Wholesale Gets a Whole New Look!… 

Order your favourite E-Liquids and Hardware faster, easier, and at your convenience at

Eco Vape Limited recently announced the launch of its brand-new wholesale ordering platform, unveiling to its customers who are now able to place orders online quickly and efficiently at their own convenience from their computer, phone, or tablet devices.

Our wholesale business has seen a successful bounce since an expected initial dip during the early onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Not to be deterred during what has been a difficult time for the nation, we at Eco-vape used the time to reassess our planning and investments for 2020, and have since been investing our time into launching a wholesale website that will give customers quick and easy access to the latest products on show from the wholesale department. 

By registering an account with Eco Vape, users will have access to: Product information. flavour profiles, live pricing, MOQ’s, POS, and monthly online offers and promotions, across all of Eco Vape’s popular e-liquid ranges, including Dainty’s E-Liquids, Psycho Bunny, Dripping Range, The Milkshake Range, and VaporArt E-Liquids. 

New Features

Features such as one click reordering from the My Account orders page, and range specific POS added to basket upon selecting one of our e-liquids are just some of the improvements to the customer experience with the new ordering platform, that also allows users to view and download invoices and update contact, billing, and shipping details on their account.

We’re also pleased to announce the option to pay for your order securely by card using SagePay – just another way we are able to speed up operations and have your order on your doorstep within 24 hours! (Accepted cards include Visa, Mastercard, Electron, JCB, and Diners Discovery). The integration of card payments online reduces additional processing times for our accounts department, and although we do still accept BACS payments (traditionally, our only accepted payment method) those who pay online will see a noticeable improvement in lead times as payments are matched instantly with orders to your account. 

As excited as we are about our new online ordering platform, the wholesale website is just the first step in an increased effort to enhance logistics at Eco-Vape in 2020, as we look to upgrade the customer experience and streamline our processes.

Additional Service Upgrades & WMS Implementation

As the summer draws to a close and we transition into the Autumn season, we are undergoing an overhaul of operations with the implementation of an industry leading WMS (warehouse management system) that will revolutionize the way we work at Eco-Vape HQ. Customers will be able to view live stock availability across all of our award-winning brands, and also stay up to date on their shipment status with live tracking and alerts on their orders post-dispatch, something we have up until now, not had the luxury of offering. The implementation period is expected to be complete by mid-November, allowing us and our customers to gear up to what will be an important Christmas period for retail across the UK.

£1M Warehouse & Laboratory Investment

Resting on our laurels is not something we’re accustomed to, and so, to add to the array of services and announcements at the company regarding our new website and WMS, it would be remiss of us not to remind you of the £1M worth of machinery that’s been installed into our laboratory and warehouse over the last quarter. 

Robert Sidebottom, Managing Director said: 

“This investment will allow Eco-Vape to continue to raise its stature as an industry leader in the UK e-liquid market, with upscaled production for our in-house e-liquid ranges for wholesale as well as offering the best pricing and reduced lead time on our white label arm of the company Vape Manufacturing, I am supremely confident that we will not be beaten on price, quality, capacity and service.”

-Robert Sidebottom - Managing Director


All this makes for exciting times for us here at Eco-Vape, and for our customers looking to stand up and be counted in an important time for retail. As 2020 has proved to be a true test of character for the majority of business owners battling against the effects of COVID-19 on the sector, we’re determined to keep improving what we do, increasing efficiency, reliability and staying at the forefront of competitive pricing structures, so that our customers can concentrate on making their business great!

To find out more about Eco-Vape Wholesale, register for an account today! Once approved you can login, swiftly add your favourite products to your shopping cart, Pay, and just sit back and relax while we take care of the rest! Visit the site now at

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About Eco-Vape:

Founded in 2014, Eco Vape is a retail and wholesale manufacturer of vape e-liquids based in Derbyshire. The company produces high quality e-liquids into the thriving vape industry and prides itself on providing premium British made products at a price that everyone can afford.

Eco Vape is principally a wholesale supplier of vape liquids and distributes millions of its own branded, award winning products (Dainty’s, Psycho Bunny, Milkshakes and Dripping Range) across Europe and the rest of the world.

Situated in a 65,000 sq. ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility and with a portfolio of over 140 tested and registered flavours within Europe, Eco Vape is in the unique position of providing a white label / OEM service that meets the needs of small to large vape companies. The production facility is scaled to produce over 1 million bottles per week.

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