Why Should I Sell the Aquios Bar Disposable Vape?

Why Should I Sell the Aquios Bar Disposable Vape?
AQUIOS BAR recyclable disposable vape

The Aquios Bar Disposable Vape: Water Based, Less Waste.


The Aquios Bar is a unique water-based disposable vape that is designed with the environment in mind. Made from cardboard/paper and almost fully recyleable, this latest device from Aquios is the perfect disposable vape for brands that focus on selling more environmentally-friendly products.

Featuring a paper-based design and 30% water content, the Aquios Bar disposable vape is a pocket-sized, more environmentally-friendly disposable vape filled with 600 puffs of 20mg salt nicotine.

aquios 100pcs cardboard count display unit

Why is the Aquios Bar unique?


30% Water Content

The Aquios Bar is prefilled with 2ml of e-liquid and contains with 30% water content. According to the manufacturer, Aquios Labs, “water-based vaping delivers smoother vapour and faster satisfaction than traditional vapes.” Water-based vaping has three great benefits;

  1. The water content allows vaping at a lower temperature without sacrificing on flavour.
  2. Vaping at lower temperatures means the battery lasts longer and can be smaller with the same performance.
  3. The 30% water content makes vaping less dehydrating, as VG and PG (the main ingredients in e-liquid) can contribute to dehydration.


Recyclable Disposable Vape

The Aquios Bar can be fully disassembled by the end user, “allowing for easy recycling of most components” and making it much easier to recycle than other disposables.

Once disassembled, the battery can be disposed of in a battery disposable point, the casing can be recycled with standard paper recycling and the silicone top-base can be recycled locally (check your local area for silicone recycling points). Only the e-liquid chamber must be thrown away in standard waste disposable.

The Aquios casing is also made from paper and cardboard, so the manufacturing process produces less plastic waste. As the water-based e-liquid also allows for a smaller battery, each Aquios bar also contains less lithium than standard disposable vapes, contributing to a greener supplier chain.


Aquios Bar Disposable Vape recycling guide


Great Performance

Water-based vaping still provides the same great flavour as standard vaping, with the same satisfying throat hit. Despite the smaller 400 mAh battery, the Aquios Bar provides rich flavour with its 1.1-ohm super-absorbant mesh coil.

It is available in 10 great flavours, including classic watermelon ice and delicious peach ice, so you’re sure to find a favourite with your customers.

Like most standard disposable vapes, the Aquios is prefilled with 2ml of 20mg salt nicotine and can provide up to 600 mouth-watering puffs. This makes it a great option for smokers looking for a safer alternative to harmful cigarettes.



The Aquios is available in 10 mouth-watering flavours, from a simple and classic blueberry ice, to tropical and rich mango passion ice:

  • Blueberry Bubble Gum – A classic candy bubblegum flavour with undertones of juicy blueberries.
  • Blueberry Ice – Classic sweet blueberries with an added ice twist.
  • Grape Ice – A sweet and juicy grape flavour, a perfect all-day vape.
  • Iced Cosmic – A secret blend of sweet and sour fruits with a cool ice finish.
  • Mango Passion Ice – A tropical blend of mouth-watering mango and delicious passionfruit.
  • Peach Ice – A rich and bold peach flavour with a refreshing ice finish.
  • Sour Apple – A delicious and tangy blend of red and green apples.
  • Sunrise Ice – A smooth and delicious mix of creamy banana and juicy mango, with a refreshing ice hit.
  • Tropical Fruit Ice – A rich blend of tropical fruits with a cool ice hit on the exhale.
  • Watermelon Ice – Classic and delicious watermelon with a cool ice hit.


AQUIOS BAR recyclable disposable vape

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