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The Vaper Expo UK 2022 at the Birmingham NEC

Join Eco-Vape for the Vaper Expo 2022 at the Birmingham NEC

Eco Vape Products at the 2022 National Convenience Show, Birmingham NEC
Find Eco-Vape at Stand C70 at the Vape Expo 2022 and sample our latest disposbale vapes and nic salts!

All New Disposable Vapes & Nic Salts: Join Eco-Vape at the Vaper Expo UK 2022

Eco-Vape will be at this year’s Vaper Expo 2022 taking place in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC)showcasing our latest disposable vapes and new nic salt range!

We’ll be at Stand C70 alongside our partners at Vape Manufacturing to showcase the Hyppe MAXX and FLER BAR disposable e-cigs and puff bars, as well as our latest nic salt range BEAR Salts with 32 different flavours available.

Vaper Expo UK 2022 Logo

What is the Vaper Expo UK?

The Vaper Expo UK is the largest vaping event in Europe and the UK. Vape manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and e-liquid brands from across Britain, Europe and the international community all meet in one place to network, sample industry changing products and make deals on the show floor.

Eco-Vape will be there alongside our partners at Vape Manufacturing, where you can sample our latest disposable vapes, nic salts and e-liquids alongside OEM vape and white label e-liquids from Vape Manufacturing.

Where is the Vaper Expo 2022?

The event is taking place at the Birmingham NEC (national exhibition centre), which you can find on the map below.

It’s taking place from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of May. You can book tickets to the event on the official NEC website. 

Vaper Expo floor plan & where to find Eco-Vape

Head down to Stand C70 at the Birmingham NEC Centre to try our latest disposable vapes and brand new nic salt range!

You can see the floor plan for the Vaper Expo below!

Eco-Vape will be at Stand C70 at the 2022 Vaper Expo UK at the Birmingham NEC

Hyppe MAXX & FLERBAR Disposable Vapes

We’re bringing our top of the range Hyppe MAXX disposable vapes, packed with 600 puffs of 20mg hybrid salt nicotine available in 5 mouth-watering flavours. 

We’ll also be showcasing the FLER BAR, our latest disposable vape range packed with 600 flavourful puffs and available in 20 incredible flavours, including tobacco and ice mint!

BEAR Salts, Hyppe Maxx & FLERBAR Disposable Vapes at the 2022 National Convenience Show in Birmingham NEC
We're bringing the Hyppe MAXX & FLERBAR Disposable Vapes alongside our new BEAR Salts Nic Salts Range!

New BEAR Salts Nic Salt Range

We’ll be introducing BEAR Salts – the latest addition to our nic salt catalogue and available in 4 different flavour ranges. 

Designed for every palate, you can choose from BEAR Grizzly (fruit flavours), Polar (ice flavours), Panda (desserts and drinks) and Koala (tobaccos and menthols) to find the perfect nic salt for you.

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