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POS A4 Leaflet – RPV 50ml

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1x A4 RPV Poster

Do you game all day and night? Try our all-new gaming RPV Range. All 4 flavours have been tailored to perfection whether you’re fighting to the death or planning your next tactical play, RPV has got you!


The tasty HP potion gives you all the health you’ll need, and it tastes extremely good.

Our XP potion is made from a mysterious blend of the forbidden forest fruits set to level you up faster than the final breath of your enemies!

Do you ever go too fast and hit empty on stamina? That’s why we made a Mana Potion, boost your energy with all the digital stimulants that keep your reflexes heightened and give you that spidey sense.

If you often play in a team with your friends be the best by reviving them to stay on the move with the Resurrect Potion. Keep carrying that team!



ROLE PLAY VAPE WOW your customers with RPV! Try our all-new Role Play Vape E-Liquid Range! With a choice of 4 flavours, concocted to suit your character’s desires, whether you’re on a quest for forbidden fruits, or planning an online raid to capture a cheap e-liquid deal, keep RPV by your side in battle, and at your next campfire celebrations! Pick your potion from a choice of 4 medieval recipes and level up your lifestyle with smoke-free stats. The RPV range is Brewed right here in the Royal Kingdom, on the Eastern shores of Middeland, made from the finest flavours the realm has to offer
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