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Dainty’s FSDU: Fully Stocked 192 x 50ml

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Stock up today with our fully packed Dainty’s 50ml FSDU.

What’s Included?

  •  Free Standing Display Unit
  • 24 Blueberry Blackcurrant Menthol 50ml
  • 24 Cherry Menthol 50ml
  • 24 Apple & Mango 50ml
  • 24 Iceberg 50ml
  • 24 Grape & Blackcurrant 50ml
  • 24 Raspberry Sherbet 50ml
  • 24 Special Menthol 50ml
  • 24 Cherry Lemonade 50ml
  • 60 x 3 Pack Nic Shots




Dainty's Wholesale E-Liquid

Made in Britain, our Dainty's e-liquids are high quality and affordable vape liquids with a huge flavour range your customers are sure to love. From 10ml e-liquid classics like special menthol and RY4 vanilla tobacco to popular 50ml shortfill liquids including watermelon chill and dark prism, you have hundreds of reliable options to offer to your customers. Our e-liquids are made in Britain in our 65,000 sq ft Vape Manufacturing Centre which features the longest e-liquid filling line in the world!  

Dainty's Wholesale 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid

Dainty's classic range of 50ml e-liquid shortfills are perfect for customers looking to get more for their money. What's more, their higher price point also offers more room for profit to vape stores that can be more flexible with their prices. Our zero nicotine 50ml e-liquids hold up to 60ml of liquid, leaving room to add one nic shot directly into the bottle, perfect for ex-smokers who prefer to vape with nicotine.  

Dainty's Wholesale 10ml E-Liquids

Our best-selling 10ml e-liquids from Dainty's form the basis of any e-liquid catalogue. It features simple and classic flavours like delicious Apple or Blackcurrant Menthol which are a favourite among vapers across the country. 10ml vape liquids are best for ex-smokers as they contain up to 20mg of nicotine to help reduce cravings.  

Dainty's Nic Salts

Nic salts have taken the UK vape industry by storm in recent years, offering higher nicotine absorption per draw and a smoother throat hit. Dainty's nic salts are made in Britain and are a reliable and affordable nic salts range that features popular e-liquid flavours your customers will love. Enjoy incredible wholesale prices on our Dainty's salt nicotine range and get yours delivered the next working day when you order before 1pm (Mon-Thu).
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