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BEAR Salts 10ml Nic Salt – Grizzly Fruit Explosion

Fruit Explosion Nic Salt

Flavour Profile: A moreish and juicy explosion of summer fruits that leaves your mouth watering


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Fruit Explosion Nic Salt

BEAR Grizzly Salts | Wholesale Premium Salt Nicotine

Get incredible wholesale prices on premium 10ml nic salts from Bear Salts. Our latest salt nicotine range is packed with flavour and available in four incredible flavour ranges, including; Koala (tobaccos and menthols), Panda (desserts and drinks), Grizzly (fruit flavours) and Polar Ice (ice flavours).


Flavour Profile: A moreish and juicy explosion of summer fruits that leaves your mouth watering

VG/PG: 50/50

Strengths: 10mg, 20mg

Counter Display Unit (CDU): 10

TPD Compliant



BEAR Grizzly Salts Range

10ml bottle of BEAR Grizzly fruit explosion Nic Salt, with wild fruits and fusions for a powerful fruit flavour. Made with a smooth 50/50 VG/PG ratio, available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. BEAR Grizzly Salts are a sweet and mouth-watering selection of our most popular fruit flavours.


BEAR Flavors

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Bear Salts

BEAR Nic Salt 10mg & 20mg

Polar, Grizzly, Panda & Koala Nic Salts

BEAR Nic Salt is a premium range of 20mg nicotine salts, packed with incredible flavour and designed for a smooth throat hit. BEAR Salts feature a 50/50 blend of VG/PG and crafted with 10mg or 20mg of smooth, organic nicotine salt.   With four unique ranges that cater for every pallet, BEAR Salts will leave your mouth-watering with an icy cool aftertaste across more than 30 new flavours. BEAR witness to the incredible taste of our newest premium ice nic salts and make sure your vape is loaded for BEAR. 
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Grizzly Salts

Fruit Nic Salts

BEAR Grizzly Salts | Premium Fruit Salt Nicotine

Our BEAR Flavors Grizzly Nic Salts are a premium collection of seven mouth-watering fruit flavours. Whether it’s tropical Apple & Mango or our refreshing Fruit Explosion, this collection of fruity nic salts features a delicate balance of sweet and sour tastes for every pallet. Designed with Summer in mind and available in 10mg and 20mg salt nicotine strengths.

BEAR Grizzly Nic Salts are available in the following flavours: 

  • Apple & Mango – A delicate blend of mouth-watering mango and sweet apple. 
  • Blueberry – Sweet and wild blueberries for a classic fruit flavour. 
  • Grape & Blackcurrant - A refreshing combination of delicious white grapes and juicy blackcurrants. 
  • Guava & Aloe Vera – A smooth and velvety mix of tropical guava and juicy aloe vera. 
  • Plum, Mixed Berries & Elderflower - An explosion of summer fruits with juicy plum, mixed wild berries and floral hints of elderflower. 
  • Cherimoya, Blueberry & Raspberry - Light and refreshing Cherimoya mixed with wild blueberries and tangy raspberry. 
  • Fruit Explosion – A moreish and juicy explosion of summer fruits that leaves your mouth watering. 

Premium BEAR Nic Salts Ranges

Explore the full range of our BEAR Nic Salts, with four different flavour ranges to suit every palette. Enjoy smooth and refreshing menthol and tobacco nic salts with our Koala Salts range. Discover delicious drinks and dessert flavours with our Panda Salts range and mouth-watering fruit flavours with BEAR Grizzly Salts. If you prefer cool ice flavours, then try our Polar Salts range full of popular flavours with a cooling and icy aftertaste.
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